10 reasons to fall in love with your WANAhat

Have you heard you should only keep things spark joy to you? Keep what make you happy and get rid of the rest. It is a smart way to always keep your closet clean. So here we tell you all the things, besides being dazzling, that will make you love your WANA hat even more.

• It is timeless!!! A beautiful Panama hat is a staple that proves the passage of time. Just look at the gallery of Celebrities with hats.

• It is made from sustainable toquilla straw. Ever wonder what material your clothes are made of? You should find the many reasons to support toquilla.

• It is one of a kind. Each product is handwoven by skillful artisans. None will be the same.

• It is so conformable! Lightweight, flexible and breathable are the characteristics that will allow you to wear it all day without even noticing.

• It empowers women. The art of weaving hats provides an income to women in rural areas as they take care of other chores they have.

• It is stylish. Add a hat to your outfit and it will elevate your look.

• It protects you from the sun! Instead of worrying about your sunscreen’s ingredients list just use your hat that gives you a SPF of 50.

• Bad hair days no more! So nice, just grab your hat and forget your hair.

• And following the line before, go bald no more! Why exhibiting your shiny head of ideas when you can elegantly cover it up.

• The social impact is enormous. Why? Each hat is made by more than 10 differents actors. That means 10 families are benefited by the purchase of your hat.

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